[STRANGERS] – Promises

This one has been kicking around in our library for a while, but while attempting to skim off some of the unnecessary fat in the collection this one leapt out at us.  Released way back in November 2011, it’s a beautifully produced piece of electronica with astoundingly good vocals presenting emotionally charged lyrics.  You’ll be hearing us play this a lot more in the future.

Sure Fire Bet – just like the title

Perfectly timed to coincide with the improvement in the weather, Zervas and Pepper’s glorious track Sure Fire Bet is bound to be part of the soundtrack of the summer.  Some of the more disingenuous of you may claim it’s a bit hipster, especially with the heavily Instagrammed promo photos and the musical production feel of early-70s West Coast AOR, but we know you are going to LOVE this.

Take a listen at http://www.recordoftheday.com/record-of-the-day/track.php?trackID=6491

A Little More Lovely

Moya’s A Little More Love is the kind of sacharine, over-produced commercial rubbish that we normally avoid listening to.  We predict it will be on the Radio 2 playlist before long.

But…it’s also abolutely gorgeous, which means we have to put our negativity aside and simply say, “you need to hear this”.

Brett Newski and the Corruption – where less is most definitely more

If The Strokes had kept their musical imagination and sharp eye for lyrical detail, they may have become Brett Newski & The Corruption.  Intelligent writing and great production makes their debut album, Tiny Victories, the perfect soundtrack to the type of party that goes viral on Facebook and gets crashed by thousands of people considerably cooler than you.

We’ve played tracks from their previous EP releases over the past few months, having been suitably impressed by their first Double-A single a year ago.  It’s therefore with great delight that we found the album to be littered with tidy harmonies, innovative counter-melodies, and a clarity of production that proves that, for this trio, less is most definitely more.

You can download the album from their Bandcamp page where, for a short time, you can ‘name your price’ and walk away with a cracking debut album.

C2C – Down the Road

Their album was released on 3rd September and the single hit number one in France a month before that, but French turntablist-quartet C2C are only just making their presence felt in the UK.  Their amazing track ‘Down the Road’ is everything you wouldn’t expect to work, but does.  Think blues plus hip hop, mixed with a bit of electronica.  Check them out now!

Hooded Fang on Radio 6 Music

Way back in 2010 we recorded a show at the Evolve Festival in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  We stumbled upon a band playing in yurt, whose members almost outnumbered the crowd.  The band were Hooded Fang, and today they’re being interviewed by Radcliffe and Maconie on BBC Radio 6 Music.  We hope that Mark and Stuart realise that we noticed them first!

Bellowhead’s Broadside sets a new record

Bellowhead’s new album, Broadside, entered the UK official album charts this week at number 16.  This is completely unprecedented for a independently-released folk album.  Even better, it also went to number 1 in the UK independent album charts beating Adele.

London Calling have been long-time supporters of Bellowhead and so we’re absolutely delighted that they’re finally getting the attention they deserve.